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Charlie Morris at the Fribourg Jazz Parade, Switzerland, 2008 - color promo shot. Click on this thumbnail to view the high-resolution photo.
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Swiss band color stage shot. Click on this thumbnail to view the high-resolution photo.
Swiss band on stage, 2016 (72 dpi JPG, 1.7MB)

Swiss band color promo shot. Click on this thumbnail to view the high-resolution photo.
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Charlie. Click on this thumbnail to view the high-resolution photo.
Charlie at the Orkney Festival (200 dpi JPG, 3.0MB)

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Click to learn more about Live in Fribourg, DVD/CD set from the Charlie Morris Band. Recorded live in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Click to learn more about Ten Tall Tales, the new CD from the Charlie Morris Band.

Click to learn more about What A Scene, the new live CD from the Charlie Morris Band.

Click to learn more about Still got 'em, from Charlie Morris

Click to learn more about The Forest, the new CD from Charlie Morris

Pithy Quoteth

Got my copy of the Bluescoast Sessions. My expectations were very high, so I was afraid I might be disappointed, but it was everything I hoped it could be, and it proves something I've felt for a while now: We've got a music scene around here as good as any in the world!
- Blues fan Jimmy Jack, Palm Harbor FL

Charlie delivers a set that manages to be energetic and laid back simultaneously. The all-original tunes are a deft blend of Blues, Country, and Florida Swamp music. My favorite is “No Mo Money”, to which many of us can relate! Throughout, rock-steady rhythm supports Charlie’s soulful vocals and unique guitar style. Along with the songs on the CD, the DVD also has some backstage home movies that are quite entertaining.
- Conrad Sewer, Suncoast Blues Society

Mr. Morris has the sound that I love. He knows how to pick a guitar and make it sing. There is that down-home blues/rock and roll quality about his songs that makes my feet begin tapping as soon as he hits the first note.

In concert, he and the band have that funky tightness that might remind you of bands like Little Feat.
- Bonds Big Leather Couch, January 2009

"Superb playing, dynamics and swing!"
- Serge Warin, Radio Canal Bleu, Objat, France

"The Charlie Morris Band is fantastic!"
- Wayne Winkler, WETS, Johnson City TN

"This is a lot of fun!"
- Derral, KCHO, Reading CA

Articles and Interviews

Tampa Bay Times, April 2013:
Cotee River Seafood and Blues Festival in New Port Richey feeds body and soul

"When you play the blues, you never know what's going to happen next. You could play the same song a hundred times and it's going to be completely different every time."

Charlie Morris Sits On The Couch, March 2010

A 40-minute audio interview on Bond's Comfy Couch

Knoxville News-Sentinel, April 10, 2009

"Travelin' man has musical family all over"

A Letter from Bruce Iglauer

"Mr. Miracle Meets His Match - fun takeoff on the typical blues bragging song. I love the dialogue with the singers, Mr. Quick Stuff."

Knoxville News-Sentinel, December 14, 2007

"Charlie Morris has paid his dues for the Blues."

Maryville Daily News, December 14, 2007

"Charlie Morris Band to make fourth visit to Brackins."

12 Bar Rag, May/June 2006

Local Spotlight

Maryville Daily Times, May 2006

"Musicians cobbling together tracks for a live album have a tough choice to make — do they zero in on the songs that display the best musicianship, or do they home in on the ones that best capture the buoyant spirit of playing live?"

Blues Matters, September 2005

"Audience participation was the name of the game and the rapturous applause at the end showed how much this intriguing group of musicians had been appreciated."

Blues In Britain, September 2005

"Playing an infectious mix of original songs and some rarely- heard covers, the band eased the crowd into the weekend. Special mention must go to the ultra-talented sideman Devin Rice, who displayed great virtuosity on harp, keys and guitar! The band was obviously well appreciated by the crowd."

Authentic Blues, 2000

"What's the point of all this crap? Isn't what the album sounds like what matters? Who cares what size or color I am as long as people like the music?"

CD Reviews

La Hora del Blues, February 2010

"A feast of different sonorities from good varied Louisiana music to shuffles, slow blues and a little bit of up-tempo rockabilly. A master lesson in groove, wild, free and easy dancing, that you should enjoy with a glass of whisky or gin in your hand."

Wildy's World, July 12, 2009

"one big party from start to finish"

Knoxville News Sentinel, May 31, 2009

"When the band hits a groove it’s a beautiful thing."

La Hora del Blues, December 2008

"The band captured the powerful rocky energy of their most spontaneous live shows, always with a touch of funk, country and solid-rock groove, all spiced with very tasteful clever and cool piano and guitar solos."

12 Bar Rag, July/August 2006

"When is a major label going to pick up on this guy?"

Blues & Rhythm, May 2006

"Regular visitors to Britain these days from their home base in Florida, Charlie Morris and crew have a growing following and listening to this CD - Charlie's third for BluesPages - recorded in England last year, it is not hard to understand why."

12 Bar Rag, December 2002

"Charlie my boy, you've outdone yourself. "Still Got 'Em" is as tasty a CD as I've run across this whole century!"

Blues Revue, Feb/March 2004

"There's enough variety and feeling here for two albums. Great tunes diverse in style, arrangement and instrumentation."

Tampa Bay Musician, July 2003

"You can sum up Charlie Morris' Blues CD "Still Got 'Em" in a single four letter word...REAL"

La Hora del Blues, January 2003

"Charlie passionately performs and feels the blues."

Real Blues, 2000

"No More Money deserves to be a blues standard"

Deutsche Presse

Liechtensteiner Volksblatt, 17 Februar, 2010

"Das Publikum ist begeistert, wippt im Takt, klatscht, tanzt." Review of Ten Tall Tales 2009

"Der Sound von CMB geht in die Füsse, man wippt mit dem Kopf oder schnippt mit den Fingern." Review of What A Scene! 2008

"Welcher Ort liegt auf der Mitte der Wegstrecke zwischen New Orleans und Chicago?"

Liechtensteiner Volksblatt, 14 Februar, 2006

"Nebst der Musik begeisterte der Sänger Charlie Morris die Konzertbesucher mit seinem Schalk in den Augen."

Liechtensteiner Volksblatt, 2006

"Den Blues im Blut"

Zeitungsartikel, 2003-2005

Solingen, Mettman (D), Olten, Weinfelden (CH), usw.

Oltner Tagblatt, Januar 2003

"Schweizer Bier, Kaffee und Brot sind eine Reise Wert."

Concerto (A) Review of Still got 'em, 2003

"Hervorragender Gitarrist, markanter Sänger und trefflicher Songwriter."

Bluesbox (D) Review of Still got 'em, 2003

"Die neun Songs seiner zweiten CD stammen alle aus eigener Feder und bringen das, was man erwartet, nämlich Blues in unterschiedlichen Facetten, unterlegt mit satten Hammond-Klängen und getrieben durch eine starke Bläserfraktion."


La Liberté (Fribourg CH), 14 July 2011

Quand le coeur fait boom, boom, boom, boom! Soirée avec Charlie Morris Band et John Lee Hooker Jr.

La Liberté (Fribourg CH), 17 July 2008

Charlie Morris ou la vie en blues

Presse en Français

Ecole Secondaire, Le Locle (CH)


Paso Music, 2004

Un artista, una band che meritano di riporre nel cassetto ancora per almeno una sera ancora gli spiriti carnevaleschi per poter essere visti.


Live in Fribourg review - Rootstime, 2013

Je hoort vrij snel dat de heren uitstekende muzikanten zijn. Gitarist en frontman Charlie Morris, tevens auteur van alle nummers die op deze uitgave terug te vinden zijn, is een prima gitarist.

What A Scene! review - Rootstime, 2008

Ik zal deze een plaatsje geven op mijn "bovenste plank", vlak in de buurt van mijn cd speler, want ik heb zo 't idee dat ik er nog veel ga naar terug grijpen.

Stage Plot

Charlie Morris Band Stage Plot